Гражданско наблюдение на парламентарни избори 2013

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Civil Coalition

10.04.2013 г.

The Integrity Pact for Free, Fair and Democratic Elections aims to commit the political parties to the conduct of transparent elections campaign in accordance to the standards for publicity and accountability. The aim of the initiative is to prevent violations of the citizens’ voting rights, as well as to facilitate efficient organization of the electoral process. The Integrity Pact is a mechanism for:

  • Commitment of the political parties, coalitions and independent candidates to a civil initiative aimed at promoting principles for transparency and integrity in the electoral process.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the efforts of the political entities, aimed at fulfillment of publicly taken obligations.

As of April 10, 2013, 21 parties and 22 non-governmental organizations have acceded to the Integrity Pact.


List of the non-governmental organizations, united in the Civil Coalition for Monitoring of the Electoral Process, which have acceded to the Pact:

  • Transparency International – Bulgaria (initiator)
  • Centre for Liberal Strategies (initiator)
  • Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza”(initiator)
  • European Information Centre (initiator)
  • European Institute (initiator)
  • Institute for Social Integration (initiator)
  • Centre for Policy Modernisation (initiator)
  • Center for Independent Living (initiator)
  • Civil Society Initiatives, Ruse
  • Centre for Educational Programs and Social Initiatives, Yambol
  • Association „ICARUS“,  Haskovo
  • “Danube Euro-Regional Forum”,  Vidin
  • “Institute for Regional Development and Training”, Shumen
  • „NGO Club”, Targovishte
  • „Citizens’ Club”, Plovdiv
  • “Personal and Civil Community Development”, Pleven
  • „Bulgarian Mother Center”, Vratsa
  • „Liberal Alternative for Roma Citizen Union” Kystendil
  • “Community Centres Association for Development – South”, Kardzhali
  • Association “Alternatives 55”, Stara Zagora
  • “Agency for Regional Development and Business Center 2000”, Montana
  • Association “Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives”, Silistra


List of the political parties, coalitions and nomination committees that have acceded to the Integrity Pact:

  • „Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria”
  • „Bulgarian Socialist Party”
  • „Movement for Rights and Freedom”
  • „Democrats for Strong Bulgaria”
  • „Union of Democratic Forces”
  • „United Agrarians“
  • „Radical Democratic Party of Bulgaria“
  • „Order, Law and Justice”
  • Movement “Bulgaria for the Citizens”
  • Coalition “Bulgarian Spring” (Bulgarian Social Democracy and Party of the Greens)
  • Coalition “Proud Bulgaria” (Civic Alliance for Real Democracy, Free Nation, United  Labor Block, Union of Patriotic Forces “Defense” and Christian Social Union)
  • Bulgarian Democratic Alliance – Radicals
  • „Democratic Alternative for National Unification“
  • „Bulgarian Women’s Party”
  • „The New Time“
  • „National Movement for Stability and Prosperity”
  • „National Party for Freedom and Dignity”