Гражданско наблюдение на парламентарни избори 2013

Сам избирам » Roadmap


10.04.2013 г.


The Roadmap instrument creates opportunity for early warning with regard to potential risks in the elections preparation and assessment of the actions of the institutions in accordance with the legal requirements and international standards.

During the elections campaign, Transparency International – Bulgaria will provide information about identified problems, actions undertaken by the institutions, and will make recommendations for timely correction of the actual deficiencies.

At present (9 April 2013) TI-Bulgaria has identified the following issues:


  • Deficiency in the Electoral Code does not allow deletion of the registrations of the parties, which have subsequently decided not to run in the forthcoming elections. It means that their names will effectively appear on the ballots and elections documentation.
  • Short deadlines for organization represent a challenge for the Regional Electoral Commissions, which have not yet published important information on their websites: protocols, decisions, candidate lists, option for online broadcast of meetings. As of 9 April, 2013, have been identified that the websites of only 4 REC out of 31 have created option for online broadcast (Burgas, Plovdiv – district, Plovdiv – city, Yambol); candidate lists have been published by 9 REC; protocols of meetings have been published by 7 REC.
  • The review have also found that efficient access to information about the work of the REC is provided on the websites of the district administrations, while the website of the Central Electoral Commissions links to formulaic websites of REC.
  • There is good cooperation between CEC and the Council of Ministers, but have been identified a problem with the trust between the political parties and their readiness to reach agreements with regard to the appointment of management of the Regional Electoral Commissions.