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Criteria in the selection of PEC and REC representatives

10.04.2013 г.

 Art. 1 “In nominating members of the election commissions, to be guided by their professional expertise, moral integrity, experience in the electoral process and personal authority.”

According to the signed Integrity Pact, the participating political parties and coalitions commit to develop and implement selection criteria in the process of nomination of members of the electoral commissions, by assessment of their personal qualities, professional preparation, experience in the electoral process and high morale.

The implementation of criteria in the selection for members of the elections commissions is one of the guarantees for involvement of persons with professional experience and high personal qualities in the electoral process conduct. The entire electoral administration in the country (from the Central Electoral Commission to the lower level Precinct Electoral Commissions) is constituted on the basis of political representation. The fulfillment of this clause of the Integrity Pact contributes to alleviate the deficiencies in the work of the electoral commissions and creates prerequisites for the political parties in order for them to fulfill their commitment to the conduct of fair, democratic and well organized elections.

On April 19, Transparency International – Bulgaria has sent official letter to the political parties and coalitions that have acceded to the Pact. The letter expresses willingness for meetings and receipt of information with regard to the accepted commitments.

By April 24 readiness for a meeting and granting of information according to the Pact has been expressed by 3 political parties – GERB, “Movement Bulgaria for the Citizens” and “New Time”.